Sirius Advanced Cybernetics –Machine Vision for Industry

3D Machine Vision

In the age of tools which become on the one hand more and more complex and on the other hand smaller and smaller, conventional test procedures often reach their limits. When several years ago two-dimensional or tactile measurement systems were absolutely sufficient, you today need systems and methods, which are able to capture all three dimensions contact-free.

For our customers we integrated therefore consequently available 3D image capture technology into our solution kit, and furthermore we developed our own innovative and leading methods. But only with the precise, fast and high class image data acquisition, the exercise is not solved yet. Therefore, we integrated efficient evaluation processes, which can be used and parameterized in the habitual easy way, which is typical for SAC tools.

In the field of image acquisition, we can resort to all 3D-capable sensors, which are available on the market. Furthermore, with "SAC Pulsar" we have developed and implemented a problem-solving approach, which is innovative and based on different methods of the stripe-light-topometry. It provides lightning-fast surface-tight and highly precise 3D-geometry-data in a calibrated measuring volume placement. For every point of the object (voxel) is furthermore, beside the space coordinate, its brightness and its precise color availabe.