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Caulking Inspection

For the assembly of complete or partially metallic modules, especially in the field of automotives, caulking with the aid of purpose-build embossers is a proven and normally reliable method for fixing bordering part-components firmly with each other. But what will happen if the stamper breaks or the part is not in the correct position during the caulking? As a result, the parts will not be fixed. Maliciously, it can be added, that the place of caulking cannot be recognized anymore because of the following assembly-processes, and so that the caulking cannot be inspected any longer.

The result are mistakes, which, in the worst case, make themselves only felt through malfunction during the utilization phase in the finished product. This is the more tragical, when the assembly group is about important parts of steering or brakes!

Because of this, camera systems are nothing new for the observation of caulking processes. The previous solutions certainly work with 2D cameras and are only limitedly usable and as a rule elaborate in the field of conception and too, in the field of maintenance – decisive when it comes to adapting the illumination to the altering manifestations of object-surfaces. The 3D-assessment of the examination scene provides an easy and solid basis for a reliable and, from the viewpoint of maintenance and attendance, trouble-free solution.