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The position and shape of the plug pins are essential for the full functionality of a plug connector. Deviations can lead to difficulties in the mating of the connector and interruptions in the electrical contact, which is especially critical during operation.
That's why it is vital to precisely measure and check the positional accuracy of the pins in the connector precisely.
Classical test methods, such as mechanical gauging or 2D image processing, reach their limits relatively quickly with regard to the required accuracy, cycle time, inaccessibility due to the plug geometry, and fluctuating optical properties of the pins.

Our Solution - Your Benefits:

Pulsar "Connector Inspector" provides a contactless and precise measurement of the pin position in all three dimensions and is the perfect solution for a quick, automated 100% control of plug pins.

  • Extremely high measuring accuracy in the μm range
  • High throughput thanks to rapid detection of the test area
  • Performing image processing software based on Coake® 7 - special command set "CONNECTOR INSPECTION" specially designed for pin testing; allows a professional, automated 100% test
  • Flexible system
  • The arrangement of transmitter and camera as well as the exact hardware design can easily be tailored to the customer's needs, so unfavorable plug geometries (accessibility) can be reliably checked
  • Variable object field
  • Special user interface incl. test part management
  • Intuitive operation allows simple teach-in of new connector types, adaptation of tolerances, as well as guided calibration on site within the production line
  • Robust design with mechanical interfaces for easy integration into your production process
  • Component intake at standstill

Implementation / Functional Principle:

Based on the principle of strip light topometry, the system circumvents the weaknesses of the light cutting method.
Pulsar "Connector Inspector" includes an intelligent evaluation logic, which determines the measured variables for the assessment of the pins from the 3D data.
These include:

  • Wobble circle (lateral deflection of the pins)
  • Set point (height of pins to reference plane)

The graphical teach-in functions make it possible to adapt the system to new product types or to change the test tolerances. All measurement results can, of course, be logged and statistically evaluated. This makes the production process transparent, and process fluctuations can be quickly identified and localized. Cost-intensive serial errors are now a thing of the past.