Sirius Advanced Cybernetics –Machine Vision for Industry


trevista® reduces the quality costs, saves time, and can be easily integrated within the production process.

Reducing Quality Costs

  • reliable detection of bad parts using topographic images
  • minimum number of pseudo defects
  • objective image evaluation
  • automatic 100% inspection without manual testing effort

Saving Time

  • the quality of a 3D inspection combined with the speed of a 2D inspection
  • inspection speed of up to 200 parts/min or up to 2 m/s
  • standardized illumination concept with minimum set up time
  • simplified choice of parameters

Simple Integration

  • robust design
  • compensation of inaccuracies during part feeding
  • perfect interaction of sensor unit and evaluation software
  • shadowing of ambient light

Universal Usage

  • inspection of end faces and lateral surfaces, continuous materials and parts in motion
  • ideal for shiny parts as well as diffusely scattering surfaces
  • determination of differences in reflectance
  • the process is ideally suited to a wide range of materials