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With drag & drop from the feasibility analysis to the test

program – Coake® 7

Coake® 7 – the Machine Vision Solution Platform

Configuring Machine Vision solutions instead of programming

The requirements for software tools in the field of machine vision are becoming more complex with regard to image quality, detail resolution, and the test clock times they have to process or provide. At the same time, they should be adaptable and ready for use within a very short time and with little effort - preferably without expert knowledge. Coake® 7 meets these requirements and offers additional advantages.

Your advantages:

With the simple operating concept and the extremely high performance, Coake® 7 offers efficient solutions to a variety of inspection tasks. Whether dimensional inspection or surface inspection - Coake® has already proven itself in thousands of applications in a wide range of industries.

  • One software for everything: image acquisition, evaluation, and process communication
  • Graphical development environment: The test program is created via drag and drop, no programming knowledge is required
  • Wide range of functions with tools and efficient test algorithms, which are specially tailored to the requirements of 100% automated control
  • High performance thanks to multi-threading
  • Implementation of image processing solutions with real-time requirements
  • User interface can be created quickly and easily and adapted to the respective requirements
  • Extensive automatic device management
  • Open system for the evaluation of 2D and 3D data, integration of additional sensors possible


Coake® 7 is the modern software platform that also enables sophisticated solutions for industrial image processing to be implemented without any programming knowledge.
With the fully integrated Machine Vision Solution Studio, any test requirements can be realized by configuration via drag and drop.
This does not require any programming skills. By means of simple parametrization and slider control, findings from the current operation can be directly incorporated into the test process.
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