Sirius Advanced Cybernetics –Machine Vision for Industry

SAC Machine Vision Products

SAC provides professional tools and solutions for Machine Vision.

All of our products are OEM products, i.e. we designed them in such a way that our customers can turn them into their owns. This is not limited to the branding but also includes extensive possibilities of adjusting interfaces and implementing the customer's own know-how, and special functionality. We also gladly support you with the conception and realization of complete machine vision solutions. Furthermore, we also gladly accompany specialized automatizers as a solution partner who is responsible for the requested functionality, too.

SAC Products

  • Software: Coake® 7
  • 3D Machine Vision: True 3D, Pulsar, Connector Inspection,...
  • Vision Systems: ready-to-use complete systems
  • Web Inspection: VisionLine
  • Display Control: EODIS
  • Components and Attachments: cameras, process interfaces,...