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See what's really there! trevista®

Automated surface inspection of demanding components

100% control over slippage rate and pseudo rejection rate

trevista® has been developed specifically for fast and reliable 100% testing of demanding surfaces in industrial environments. Problems of conventional image processing as well as elaborate and lengthy lighting selection are a thing of the past! The process is ideally suited for the automated inspection of technical and decorative surfaces.

Your Advantages:
  • Reliable recognition of bad parts on the basis of the obtained topography information in the μm range
  • Minimization of pseudo rejection rate
  • If necessary, suppression of brightness fluctuations and luster effects
  • Inspection of curved surfaces
  • High throughput – short payback
  • Plug-and-play without tedious testing and parameterization
  • Robust, no readjustment, maintenance-free
  • Easy integration into your production process

Functional principle - simple and efficient:

The trevista® process is based on a patented "shape from shading" technology. Hereby, information about the three-dimensional shape of an object can be obtained from the shading of surfaces. The surface to be tested is diffusely illuminated by means of a hemispherical scattered body. From several input images, a special algorithm calculates high-quality results for the subsequent automatic evaluation.

Application Areas:

Surface inspection of curved surfaces

Surface inspection of functional surfaces

Surface inspection of visible parts

Surface inspection of lateral surfaces – 360 ° control

Surface inspection of moving parts

trevista® Product Range:

trevista® SURFACE

trevista® CYLINDER

trevista® MULTILINE

trevista® CAM

All-in-one system for glass rotary plate inspection:

trevista® TWIN