Sirius Advanced Cybernetics –Machine Vision for Industry


trevista® is a patented machine vision tool for the automatic inspection of technical and decorative surfaces.trevista® was specially developed for the 100% inspection of a range of surfaces from shiny components to diffusely scattering surfaces. trevista® is available in different configuration levels: as a component, as a complete system with lens, camera, and PC, or integrated in an operational, customized inspection machine.

Topographical defects that are relevant for the function of a part can be distinguished from irrelevant stains caused by e.g. lubricants. A structured diffuse illumination of the part and a special calculation algorithm guarantee high-quality images for the subsequent automatic evaluation.
The three-dimensional surface shape is displayed using topographic images that make even defects of just a few micrometers depth visible. These defects can be located quickly, reliably, and free of interference.