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trevista® CAM – The Intelligent Camera for Shape from


Quick ´n Easy Surface Inspection

trevista® CAM closes the gap between simple applications for intelligent cameras and demanding surface inspection tasks. Based on the tried and tested trevista® illumination approach, a 100% surface control is achieved in a turn-by-turn process in combination with a high-performance smart camera and Coake® 7 evaluation software.
Optimize your quality assurance efficiently and professionally. The preconfigured system means unpacking, starting, testing.

Your advantages:

  • Uses the tried and tested trevista® patent with all its benefits - problems of conventional image processing systems are circumvented masterfully
  • Realization of inspection projects possible without great image processing experience in a short time
  • Thanks to standardized image capture, the engineering effort is reduced to a minimum
  • Perfectly matched hardware for optimum system performance
  • High-performance image processing software based on Coake® 7 - special command set "SURFACE INSPECTION" for the creation of test programs
  • Intuitive operation - Coake® 7 with drag and drop technology - no programming skills required
  • Standardized interfaces allow for the professional communication of the system with a higher-level control
  • Cost-effective full package

The compact unit includes everything needed for professional implementation in an industrial environment. Camera, test software, and lighting unit are preconfigured and ready for quick commissioning. The proved and tested software environment Coake® 7 is used as evaluation software and makes all functions of the unit intuitively accessible. A test task can be realized by drag and drop in a very short time, which makes trevista® CAM an excellent entry-level system.

Functional principle - simple and efficient:

The trevista® process is based on a patented "shape from shading" technology, which means that information about the three-dimensional shape of an object can be obtained from the shading of surfaces. The surface to be tested is diffusely illuminated by means of a hemispherical scattering body. From several input images, a special algorithm calculates high-quality results for the subsequent automatic evaluation.

Application areas:

Typical applications range from reading embossed codes on difficult surfaces to testing for the finest defects in demanding functional parts.

Surface inspection of curved surfaces

Surface inspection of functional surfaces

Surface inspection of visible parts

trevista® Product family:

trevista® SURFACE

trevista® CYLINDER

trevista® MULTILINE