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Company SAC GmbH

For 20 years, the name SAC has been standing for quality and innovation in the field of machine vision.

Numerous content customers all over the world and several systems in the field show the efficiency of our products and the quality of our solutions…

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SAC goes 3D 3D Machine Vision

We consequently have extended our successful toolkit into the third dimension.

In contrast to our competitors on the market, we provide image acquisition and highly optimized evaluation algorithms in True 3D instead of only 2 ½ D …

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Solution Platform SAC Coake®

The basis of our software and systems forms the SAC Coake® technology, which allows highest flexibility for you.

Coake® practically supports every available camera, makes you independent of interfaces or sensor technology,
and provides highly optimized libraries to you…

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Automated 100% inspection of surfaces trevista®

The standardized plug-and-play solution for automatic surface inspection of demanding specimens.

The patented lighting approach allows a reliable error detection with a minimized pseudo reject rate, based on topography information - Put us to the test...

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Surface Inspection of Web MaterialsSAC VisionLine

VisionLine is a modern system for the optical inspection of continuous stock.

Its modular construction allows the adaption to the most different inspection materials like wood, metal, textile, foil…

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