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maXee 3D

Innovative video microscope

maXee 3D

Tap the Third Dimension with maXee® 3D

Relaxed Working with a Clear View on Brilliant 3D Images – Perfect Ergonomics for Your Quality Control and Production

Compared to magnifying glasses or stereo microscopes, which have been mainly used in these areas up to now, on the one hand and PC-based systems on the other hand, maXee® 3D has various advantages:
  • High-resolution 3D image material makes fatigue-free working possible
  • Ergonomics at the workplace is paramount
  • No latency for highest-precision work
  • Uncomplicated commissioning and simple handling
  • Fast documentation of work results

You can find more information on maXee® 3D here

[Creation date: 01. March 2017]