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Brochures on various topics

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Implement tomorrow's technology into solutions already today - that is the goal...

Video microscopy: maXee® 3D

Taking video microscopy into the third dimension

Comfortable working with a clear view of brilliant 3D images - flawless ergonomics for your quality control and production ...

Software: SAC Coake® 7

Machine Vision Solution Platform Coake®

By the simple structure and elaborated conceptualization
Coake® allows the intuitive operation by the user ...

Surface inspection: trevista® 4

Surface Inspection Method

Patented method for inspection of shiny surfaces based on a shape from shading technology ...

Surface inspection: trevista® CAM

The Smart Camera for Shape from Shading

The all-in-one system for advanced industrial surface inspection.
Preconfigured and ready for use.

3D Pulsar

Connector and coplanarity check with 3D pulsar

Precise accuracy and coplanarity of the contact pins are the basic prerequisites for a reliable contact ...